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Jordan May March 28, 2024
"Family owned business that has served my family and my parents for several years. Offers great deals on filtered water. My family have purchased a 15 gallon card that allows us to refill our three 5 galloon jugs once a week and we get the 16th gallon FREE! The staff are friendly and helpful. They sanitize, fill, and offer to carry the jugs back to your car for you! I am unfamiliar with the pool supplies, maintenance, and other faculties of the business, but I have heard good things."
John Bereza February 2, 2024
"Drinking water or pool water - this is the place. Great products made in the USA. Diane and her team are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable."
Darrell Pettigrew January 13, 2024
"How can your body survive without clean filtered water. Our faucet screen was so gummed up that my wife accused me of rinsing my gravy plate to close to the faucet. Later, she learned it was the city water. Enough said, I highly recommend Water-Tek filtered water."